What kind of profit can I expect from my Electrobike Franchise?
The gain margins range are from 35% to 40% profit, with an investment recovery that goes from 6 to 12 months.

Where can I open a store?
In practically any location that counts with roads suitable for cycling.

Are all international markets available?
Of course, until now we have available international stores in Mexico, US, Ecuador and Panamá.

Do I have to be full time hands-on?
Although you don't have to be an owner-operator, we highly suggest it. Otherwise (and for our multi-pack franchises), we require experienced personnel to run the store(s). Most of our multi-unit owners still retain their full-time jobs.

Will you help me find a location and negotiate a lease?
We will help you in the process of finding a suitable location and negotiating the lease.

Will I receive ongoing training and support?
Absolutely! In addition to our hands-on, on-site training in one of our corporate stores, we will send a team to help you a week before and a week after your soft open, and during your grand opening.